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About The Founder


The Beginning (2019)

Hunter Larson started out in advertising by advertising for financial advisors on social media.

Through this, Hunter realized he had a passion for advertising and set out to get more first hand experience and landed a job as a 'Social Media Marketing Specialist' for a real estate office. Within months Hunter had completely changed the way leads were generated for them.

Needless to say... he was hooked!


The Identified Problem (2022)

After graduating college and moving back to Colorado, Hunter found a job as an 'Advertising Sales Consultant' where he worked for a creative marketing agency. The pricing structures of this agency never made sense to Hunter.

Hunter kept asking himself:

How could a small business ever afford these services?

How did their clients get a return on their money?

Why did small businesses seem to need these services the most, but yet they couldn't afford them?

Shortly after leaving that agency, Hunter met his mentors Charlie Morgan and Baudouin Borghans (see above picture). Charlie and Bau sold an advertising agency for $15 million and now run a multi-million dollar consulting firm.

They mentored him on skills in advertising, entrepreneurship, sales, and life.


The Solution (Present)

Hunter made a promise to his clients that he would guarantee a minimum 3x return on investment.

He knew that he wanted to work with small-medium sized businesses, deliver a minimum 3x return on investment, and help them advertise in a way that fits their budgets.

Afterall, it's the small businesses that need advertising the most and the one's who struggle to find advertising that fits their needs.

What's Included in our Service?

Conversion Rate Optimization Recommendations

Ad Budget Recommendations

Competitor Analysis Report

Audience Insights Report (Who & Behavior)

Meta Pixel Review and Set-Up

Customer Retargeting

Strategy Think Tank

Current Campaign(s) Optimizations

Niche and Avatar Research

Ad Copy Creation

Ad Creative Creation

Weekly Optimizations

Monthly Optimizations

Monthly Performance Updates (Video Reports)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we work with small companies?

Absolutely! Working with small-medium sized companies is our bread and butter and we are well versed in helping you navigate the task of generating leads and business. Hunter built reVU Media with the intention of helping small-medium companies increase their market share locally.

How much does it cost to generate high quality leads?

This highly depends where you choose to advertise. Typically, we see our clients achieving high quality leads for about $30 - $110 on Google Ads and only $6 - $50 on Facebook Ads. There are lots of factors that go into the cost per lead like competition in your market, your companies current brand awareness, current digital presence, and how long a campaign has been running.

What is the project timeline and budget?

We often see best results within 60-90 days. For digital advertising, we suggest allocating 10% - 13% of your total advertising budget to the digital world.

These are general guidelines and we'll discuss your specific needs in a consultation call. Schedule one today so we can determine how we can possibly assist in increasing the number of people coming into the business.

How long has reVU Media been in the marketing space?

Our founder, Hunter Larson, has been in the marketing world since 2019. He has worked with many industries including landscaping, arborists, HVAC, real estate, massage therapy, financial services, and accounting. Hunter discovered his passion for growing businesses when he was in college and knew that helping people was his calling. That is exactly what he has been doing ever since then.

We've tried digital advertising and it didn't work. How is reVU Media different?

9 times out of 10, larger advertising agencies work with many different industries. Not us.

We have dedicated every waking minute to talking to, creating ads for, and optimizing our process for landscaping, HVAC, and arborist businesses. It's our high-degree of specialization that let's us get results like you haven't seen before.

Why can't reVU Media just pay for the advertising and send companies the leads?

This is a common question that we hear quite a bit. Afterall, if we pay for advertising that means you don't have to take on any risk.

However, advertising is a business expense that directly correlates to your business' growth.

We are a team of advertisers trained in ensuring that each $1 spent on advertising returns at minimum $5 back.

Therefore, advertising is an expense that is well worth putting some of your own revenue towards.

How long are the contracts with reVU Media?

At reVU Media, we don't believe in contracts longer than 60 days. We know that if you give us at least 60 days you will be happy with the results.

However, in the rare occasion that you aren't, we'll never force you to continue working with us.

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"Changing the way small companies identify, target, and deploy marketing to grow their referral network."

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